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Now offering Dee Cee Labs Supplements!

Dee Cee Labs was a company hand picked by Dr. Reno to provide the clinic with all its supplement needs. This Tennessee- based company uses 100% solar power and promises no harmful chemicals or preservatives in their products.

- Decreases cholesterol by 30%
- Repairs leaky gut
- Regulate glucose
-Use instead of Metformin for Type II Diabetes with no side effects
- Decrease joint pain
- Cancer reduction
- Decrease brain inflammation
- Increase memory and energy
Omega-3 Fish Oil
-Decreases joint pain
-Repairs heart damage
-Improves brain function
-Improves eye health
Vitamin D3
-Boosts Mood
-Fights 95% of all cancers
- Increases calcium absorption
- Increase Immune Function
-Increase Muscle Function

Biggest Deficiency in the United States
-Decrease muscle spasms
-Decrease pain
-Decrease tension
-Decrease anxiety
Non- addictive

Extremely effective
Natural Relaxant
Mega MSM
-Heals joint pain
- Promotes wound healing
-Decrease swelling and stiffness
- No known allergies

Helps maintain healthy joints and cartilage
Vitamin K2
-Works in conjunction with D3
-K-2 necessary to pull calcium into bone and keep it there
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