Meet the Doctors

Dr. Andrew Reno DC, ICCSP, CCIC

Practice Owner

Dr. Erika Warner, DC

Dr. Reno suffered from a herniated disc in his neck at the age of 17, and was exposed to the typical medical model of herniated disc treatment. After receiving pharmaceutical intervention and physical therapy, he was referred for surgery. He consulted with a neurosurgeon who referred him to a chiropractor named Dr. Chris Frey in Fairfax, VA, who proceeded to eliminate his arm pain in just 9 visits combining chiropractic with progressive rehabilitation. Dr. Reno considers Dr. Frey his first mentor whom not only helped him get better but guided him onto his chiropractic career path. Dr. Reno graduated from Life Chiropractic University in 2001 and started the practice in his hometown of Fredericksburg, VA. Since 2002 his practice has grown to include an additional doctor, a certified athletic trainer and massage therapists. 


As a committed chiropractor for the past 16 years in Fredericksburg, VA, Dr. Reno works with his patients to help optimize their well-being by maintaining a healthy nervous system as well as focusing on the reduction of injuries in athletes. 


Dr. Reno has served as an Adjunct Professor at the New York Chiropractic College and gets invited to speak at seminars around the country. In addition, he is an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and upon completion was invited to join the 2016 Olympic Games medical team in Rio and plans on serving in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He is also a Certified Chiropractic Insurance Consultant.


In his spare time, Dr. Reno enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, traveling and reading up on the latest innovations in sports medicine and non invasive therapies.

Dr. Warner was born and raised in San Diego county.  After 4 years at UC Davis in Sacramento she completed and undergraduate degree in Neurology Physiology and Behavior.  She went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose.  During her 12th and 13th quarter internship she was fortunate to obtain the National Naval Medical Center internship in the chiropractic clinic in Bethesda, MD.  As an intern, she treated active duty military three days a week and rotated as a medical student the other two days.  She gained valuable perspective into the value of coordinated care between a diverse group of medical professionals.  She has 400 hours in hospital based chiropractic care. 


Dr. Warner has extensive training in MRI reading for the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine.  As of June of 2016 she has been in private practice with the Spine and Injury Center for six years.  Her specialty is women's chiropractic care with a special emphasis on pelvic injuries and loves guiding post-surgical patients through rehab. She adjusts with a wide variety of techniques and is passionate about the addition of manual therapy and physical therapy to speed her patients' recovery. 


Since having her daughter in 2014, Dr. Warner has been working part-time in the office and building Snake Oak Farm, where she raises goats, sheep, geese, and chickens for meat, eggs and wool. She is passionate about sustainable farming practices and whole food nutrition.  In her free time she works around the farm,  and goes to auctions and antique stores with her husband and daughter. 

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