- Taken before meals
- Supports digestive & intestinal health
- Helps decrease stomach acid reflux
- Helps get you off toxic stomach medications
-Decreases cholesterol
-Supports healthy immune system
-Combats physical effects of stress
-Increases liver function

One of the best super foods!
-Protects heart and blood vessels

*A must have if on any cholesterol drugs*
(Cholesterol drugs decrease naturally produced CO-Q10 by 40%)
Mega Lctophilius
-Increase healthy gut flora
-Increase regularity
-Improves nutrient absorption
-Improves brain function
-Increases defense against illnesses
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Krill Oil
-Alternative to Omega 3 fish oil
-All the same benefits as Omega 3
Unique B-12
-Increase cardiovascular function
-Increase red blood cell production
- Repairs nerve damage
-Mood booster
-Taken under the tongue
Maca Pygeum
-Great for hormonal health in men & women
-Increase energy
-Increase sex drive
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