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Our country has changed tremendously. Worst economy in American history and yet our stocks have rebounded. What is up and what is down? Who knows?


The shutdown has saved lives and worked no doubt. Has it been too long or too short is still unknown due to lack of testing. In case you are wondering, Virginia is ranked 50th in the United States above Puerto Rico and South Carolina. The diagnosis is far more fatal than the flu but not nearly as deadly as it was in Italy and China. Why we still do not know, but we are getting closer to the answer. Being elderly, obesity, pre-existing conditions, and even a common cold can greatly reduce your ability to fight Covid-19.


We are blessed the death rates fell in the United States. There is another problem we must figure out. As with the Spanish Flu, the second wave was the deadliest because it occurs when we all get too comfortable. Think about people with those conditions- many are your friends, family, or yourself.


Our plan is to open in Phase 3 slowly seeing about 20 total patients a day. We will give more clear instructions on making appointments and times when we are open.


Let’s have a great summer


Dr. Andrew Reno

Get Back to your life! 

Integrative Chiropractic Care, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Management 

 Our chiropractors are not only trained in the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, but also in various joints and muscles. Here at Sport, Spine & Injury, we aim to diagnose and treat our patient’s condition as well as provide them with the essential knowledge and skills that will benefit their total health and wellness.  We treat all types of musculoskeletal conditions without drugs and without surgery.  If there is a muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone involved we can diagnose and treat it.  So, if you have lower back pain, foot pain, neck pain, or some "other" pain we will find the cause and design a treatment plan that is customized to that condition with the use of chiropractic and physical therapy techniques We are not interested in signing you up for long term care.  Our goal is to diagnose and treat your condition(s) and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.  You will never be pressured into long term care agreements.  You might be wondering why our techniques could work for you when so many other treatments have not.  We have answers for these questions; before you ever step into a treatment room we want you to understand what treatment you are eligible for and be comfortable with that treatment. 

This is our promise.  



Physical Rehabilitation

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